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Getting Pregnant After Taking the Pill

If you have decided that you'd like to become pregnant after being on birth control, a common question is, "How soon after stopping the pill will I be able to conceive?"  In most cases, doctors indicate a woman can become pregnant, but there are several factors that influence fertility in these situations.

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Is it Safe to Remove Your Own IUD (Intrauterine Device)?

It may seem simple to remove your own IUD, but there may be problems that only a doctor will be able to diagnose and address.

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Causes of Breast Cancer

Angelina Jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy brought the BRCA1 gene risk into the limelight.  In reality, there are many contributing causes of increased risks for breast cancer.  This blog article focuses on the 21 studies (out of 23 studies) that show that birth control use does increase the risk of breast cancer.

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